Work with me!

In my desire to serve people most deeply, I offer a variety of services.

One-on-one Coaching:

Are you ready to live life on your terms? Life is busy & full of obligations. It's easy to lose track of who you are and what you really want. This is where coaching is a proven beneficial way to improve:

  • Making choices that are based in YOUR Core Values

  • Taking ownership of your dreams

  • Increased sense of fulfillment

  • Living on purpose

  • Deeper connections

  • Permission to live authentically & to walk the path that is right for YOU

  • Having the ability to set the boundaries needed in your life: saying YES & NO without the loaded guilt

  • Improved sense of self-esteem & confidence

One-on-one Coaching takes place over the phone, this allows YOU to be in the comfort of your own space. Sessions are 45-60 minutes long, and take place weekly or bi-weekly, depending on how we design our coaching agreement.


I customize workshops for organizational teams, as a way to improve:

  • Connection

  • Communication

  • Team spirit

  • Ability to be vulnerable

  • A deeper understanding of the organizations vision & mission

  • Increased individual & collective understanding of who the team really is

  • Greater tools to avoid Compassion Fatigue (burn-out)

All my workshops are interactive and experiential. I use tools like visualization, storytelling & group coaching. In Co-active Coaching, we say that all People are Naturally Creative, Resourceful & Whole. I stand firm in this belief as a facilitator, putting the majority of the work back on the participants. They get to experiment, learn from their shared successes & failures and deepen their own learning by trying out actual Coaching tools with each other.

Girl's Leadership Circles for Schools:

Working with young females is a passion of mine! I bring my Coaching toolbox to young female leaders in schools. My belief is that by strengthening females as whole human beings, I can assist in strengthening them as leaders. The Circle's take many forms, always holding female leadership as our focal point of the workshops. The experience is always based in co-craetion, collaboration & connectivity between myself & the female leaders.