Failures are just stepping-stones...

Let me start off by saying that this is a journey. Not an easy one that is.

I remember sitting in my 2nd grade classroom and I was asked to read aloud. This was a nightmare for me. I had to reveal to my fellow students that I wasn’t the best reader in the world (duh, I was in the 2nd grade!) and I must have refused because not long after this I was sent to a special ed teacher as my teacher thought that maybe I couldn’t read at all. She suspected that I was dyslexic. This was not true, but what was true, was that I felt so uncomfortable with not being able to do it perfectly.

This and many other similar scenarios haunted me for years.

Not being GREAT at EVERYTHING wasn’t good enough.

This led me to believe that not trying often was better than trying and failing. It wasn’t until I was much older that I could put this into a different perspective.

I didn’t see life inside the box, I saw life outside the box. I still do.

So many kids feel like I did. We are not taught nor do we teach our younger generation that failing actually means steps towards success. Failing is ok because in the failing lies the best and most profound opportunities for learning.

Life is a long line of failures. And great successes.

We choose where we place our attention and we choose the significance of our failures and our successes.

My longing for you is that you look at what you do well and place your focus there. When you fail, choose to “fail forward” – fall and fail – but don’t fall backwards. Failures are just stepping-stones on your journey.

You don’t have to be perfect nor do you have to do everything perfectly.

The way I see this is that the world needs the real you. The imperfectly perfect YOU.

The world doesn’t need billions of people who think alike, look alike and act alike.

No, we don’t need that!

We need creative, unique, critical minds that are taught to learn from their shortcomings and celebrate it as part of them as whole humans.

Be & Love Yourself!

Love & Light,