True Acknowledgements, 3 words

For a moment, just pause.

STOP and reflect

When was the last time you really acknowledged someone for who they are? Not their accomplishments, but just for who they are in their truest essence.

Now, think... When was the last time someone did this for you?

The other day it hit me... We rarely do this for each other. We often forget the power of a few simple words like "you are strong or brave or gracious" - instead we use fillers like "good job on that project or congratulations on that promotion" or we simply don't say anything as we feel too uncomfortable and vulnerable to do so.

My invitation to you:

Acknowledge someone today, tomorrow and the day after - keep going.

Notice what happens within them and within you.

You get to be a catalyst of change! You get to model what you want to see more of…


All it requires is for you to slow down enough to fully notice the people around you:

Who are they being in the world?

Open your mouth, use 3 words: “You are xxx.”

This requires vulnerability, bravery and effort - just like anything else - the more you do it, the easier it will become.

What are you waiting for?

How many people can you touch today? Tomorrow? This week?

Blessings, Peace & Love. Happy Thanksgiving,

~ Marie