Purposeful Living...

A few days ago I asked my husband if he had thoughts on topics for the blog or any pieces of inspiration for me. He answered 'purpose' – how to live and act from a place of being connected to your purpose and the higher meaning of your life. 

'Intention' – 'meaning' – 'purpose' –  

These are all terms that I often hear in my realm of work. 

But how do we apply this? 

I went on to ask my Mother – a clinical psychologist – if she would define this for me.

“Meaningful living” was the term she used and her words of wisdom were simple:

That there is no protocol or formula to a meaningful life. However, it is what we as humans strive for.

My Mother, Kirsten, said that she believes that we first and foremost must stay engaged and remember to not take life too seriously: have fun, laugh and enjoy!  

She believes that by staying engaged we will find purpose and meaning in the little joys and tasks of life...

As a business owner you might find meaning in spending 15 hours a day growing your business, or as a mother taking a nap with your baby might be the most meaningful moment of your day – whatever it may be – look for the meaning and you will find it! 

She also mentioned the word 'service' – this came as no surprise as my Mother is one of the most giving, generous and service-oriented people I know. Sometimes, especially during hardship, she believes that if we focus outward and keep an intention of being of service, we can end up with newfound wisdom and meaning.

Intent, purpose and meaning is different for all of us. As long as we do what we do with kindness, compassion and engagement – all seasons of life can be meaningful. It doesn’t mean that every minute of every day will feel as if it makes sense – but if we focus on the bigger vision – ultimately we will find the meaning.

I believe there are several valuable questions to ask yourself in order to feel connected to your purpose.

Who am I?

What do I want from life?

How can I be of service to others?

AND REMEMBER there are no right or wrong answers. Our Life Purpose will change, develop and grow just as we do as individuals. 

Life is nothing but endless seasons: winter, spring, summer & fall. Every season is different. 

Xo, Marie