Owning my pride...

You have to know what sparks the light in you so that you, in your own way, can illuminate the world
— Oprah Winfrey

This may be my most vulnerable post thus far. 

Last week I had my bi-weekly coaching session with my own coach, Erin. The topic of our conversation shifted – and we ended up discussing 'pride' in connection to “not walking the straight path”. Erin challenged me to write about 'owning my pride'. I felt my heart skip a beat in that moment, but accepted the challenge with great anticipation and a bit of nerves.

So what does ‘owning my pride’ mean and how is life different once you do so?

Well… For me, owning my story and being proud has been, and continues to be, a journey.

I was born an “old soul”. The day I was born my grandmother looked at mom and said “I think she has been here before” – that innate wisdom and knowing, I believe has always been a part of me, my story - and as a result - my path.

I was also always extremely restless.

Looking back at the course of my childhood, adolescence and now adult life – I realize that I have always been searching. I know now that I have been searching for purpose. Once I stepped into a more genuine version of myself, one that is in alignment with my purpose that became clearer to me.

I am a firm believer that there are no wrong paths. I believe our job on earth is to be curious, chase the signs of the universe and to not be afraid. There were many times where I felt lost, off path and purpose, but I always believed that I would end up in the right direction as long as I stayed open, and willing to learn from the mistakes I made along the way. This I am proud of.

There is so much wisdom to be extracted from all experiences, especially those that are difficult. This is where the most sacred learning takes place.

I have failed many times, but now looking back I know that I failed because I wasn’t where I was meant to be.

I started Culinary School and I was fortunate enough to have some incredible experiences. I lived in France for a while and worked under a renowned female chef. Here I developed my eye for detail, I learned that running your own business requires hard work, drive and an immense amount of dedication. Later I came to The US where I worked in a fine dining establishment driven and inspired by the 4 New England seasons, finesse & presentation - classic dishes served in deconstructed and modernized ways. Throughout my years of working behind the line I became more disciplined in my way of working – I learned to perform knowing you have a deadline ahead – all skills that serve me well today. I also learned that my heart was pulling me in a different direction: the direction of my husband. Although being a chef was not my purpose on earth, I took away so much knowledge, wisdom and many skills. This is wouldn’t trade for anything.

All of this brought me to my next phase of business: culinary walking tours. First as an employee and later as a business owner. My greatest takeaway from my time doing tours was the gift of connection, public speaking and ultimately the epiphany that I wanted to become a Life Coach. To use my story as a platform to inspire others to live out their dreams and connect with their purpose.

My point of all of this is that I am proud to say that I have not walked the straight path and because of that I now have wisdom, strength, resilience and pride that is unique to me.

I am a coach, a blogger, a thinker, a communicator, a catalyst & guide, a cook, a traveler, an expat, a wife, a daughter, a sister and friend – all of this I am proud of. Life is multidimensional. So are we as humans. No degree, job title, school or the place you live will define you as a whole person. 

Your story is your strength. 

With Love,