Vulnerability & Connection - "hand in hand"

This past week I spent a lot of time contemplating and reflecting on what to write for the next post. I wanted to have it ready for Wednesday morning as I usually do, but this week that just didn’t happen for various reasons. Guilt kicked in and I was hard on myself for a moment, frustrated that I had not been able to live up to my own expectations. I had to remind myself that writing is a creative process and the process is different each and every time. 

Most days I listen to podcasts, interviews, YouTube videos – something of inspiration and value in connection to my work as a coach. This week I went back to a theme that has been on my mind a lot lately – “Vulnerability”. Brene Brown – author, speaker and research professor at the University of Houston - came to my mind as she is masterful on this particular topic. Another source of inspiration that I thought of was business man Marcus Lemonis, CEO of Camping World and also star of CNBC’s show “The Profit”. Earlier this summer I witnessed him live at a seminar in Boston. I had no expectations going into it, but his message resonated - that forging those valuable and sustainable connections we all need totally hinges on our willingness to share our vulnerability. 

He shared a very real and raw story from his past – and in an instant he was connecting with the audience. He had the courage to be vulnerable and he proved right there in front of 10.000 people that connection stems from vulnerability. Out of all the speakers – including Tony Robbins – he was by far the most willing to let the audience see him in his true essence.

This week I was interviewed for a podcast (more details to follow soon). The theme around the podcast is that we as humans use a lot of “filters” to hide behind. I shared my story and I centered it on “not walking the straight path”. I had done some thinking on this prior to the interview, but most of the questions and my answers reflected that moment in time.

I heard myself say “courage is vulnerability and vulnerability is courage” – the two go “hand in hand” and simply cannot exist without the other.

In order for us to connect with people – whether it be in our personal lives or in business – we must allow ourselves to open up, to share our stories, to show the world all of the uniqueness of who we truly are.

It seems to me that fear is the filter that gets in our way. The filter we hide behind.

Love & Light,