The Naysayers!

How do we deal with the naysayers? The people who try to crush our dreams and discourage us from pursuing what's in our hearts. 

This is a phenomenon that is familiar to all of us. 

I recall being a young girl with one BIG dream, to move to America one day. I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I stepped onto american ground for the first at 14 years old. Something "clicked" - I had found that place that I would one day call home. 

I knew this at 14 and that feeling never left me. I have many times tried to describe 'this feeling' and what it was that I found, and still to this day find to be so fascinating about this place. I know it now, it's freedom. Freedom to dream big. Freedom to be unapologetic about who I am.  

As my dream grew stronger, so did the presence of the naysayers. 

If you are an artist, an entrepreneur, a dreamer, a visionary of sorts - then you will at some point encounter the "naysayers". The spectrum is wide, some will believe you are utterly insane and others will be quiet, but show you in their tone and demeanor that they do not support and believe what's in your heart.

As I have grown older and wiser (or so I would like to think!) - I have come to the conclusion that the naysayers are triggered by other peoples courage to dream. To fail and rise again. To not put fear first, but to hold their dreams and visions as sacred. 

Often we as humans tend to project our fears upon others. Perhaps it's fear of the unknown, fear of failure or fear of being true to ourselves. 

I have - almost always - trusted my intuition and I have made many decisions that to the outside world seemed "not thought through" or too risky. To me they never were... Every decision and every experience were stepping-stones, all pieces of this puzzle that has made up my life. 

Over time I have realized that the naysayers will not go away and will not stop projecting their fears upon you. But you have the ability to choose how to respond to them and also the ability to control who you welcome into your universe. 

When this comes up for you, I think an important question to ask yourself is "Who is this person to me - and 'should' I listen to his/her opinion"? 

I strongly believe that the next step is to look at your relationships and ask yourself: "Who do I turn to for honest support"? - "Who will cheer me on and also help me to put my decisions into perspective"? 

YOU have the power of choosing who you will share what with. 

Don't ever stop dreaming big. If you fail, it is just another opportunity for you to rise up again even stronger.