Let's get started!

The blog is intended as a place where you can go to read some of my daily reflections. I hope that some of it - or all of it - will resonate with you, inspire you or simply remind you that you are not alone with your thoughts and feelings. 

These past years have been quite the roller coaster ride for me. I have gone through lots of trials and tribulations, many ups and downs. 

Back in the fall of 2015, I found myself in the thick of things. I was running a business I no longer enjoyed, where I wasn't being compensated for my time and where I didn't feel like I was fully living my purpose (not that I had all that much clarity around my life purpose at that time, but anyway - you sort of get the point). My husband had made a shift in his career and was struggling with the change, we were running short on money - and suddenly I felt like everything was crashing down in front of my eyes. 

Have you been there too? 

I had to dig deep to learn from this... I came to the conclusion that I had been asking the Universe the wrong questions all along. I was asking questions like "Why me?" - "Why is this happening?" & "Will we ever be ok?". Instead of asking questions and using affirmations such as "What's the good in this?", "What can we learn from this?" - "We will be great" & "This too shall pass". 

I had become my thoughts. I was anxious, nervous and sad. Uncertainty was constantly present for me, and maybe for the first time ever, I was longing for certainty. 

I started working with a coach and in the process I started learning more about myself and the areas of my life I had been avoiding. One day she said to me "It sounds like you value certainty over variety and freedom" (some of my top values). 

I knew that wasn't me, even just hearing the words made me feel like I wanted to prove her wrong. In some odd way, it provoked me to think: "No, this is not true about myself, and I will NOT allow for others to perceive me in such a way". 

I slowly started shifting my questions, and in the process I was reminded that all bad things always come to an end. 

These past years I have gone from feeling lost and unclear about my life purpose to now feeling many steps closer to living my vision - a vision I had only dared to dream. Actually, I'm humbled to be reminded that all challenges are presented to us for a reason. If we look closely we can find something valuable, a lesson we must learn or a new take-away from all of life's encounters. Sometimes, being uncomfortable will push us closer to our dream, as we are forced to make changes and take steps towards change.