Energy... a beautiful rainbow.

I recently received a question from a fellow coach:

“How do you know who inspire you?"

This really got me thinking, because how do we pinpoint who we are attracted to? And what is “that thing” which draw us closer to certain people?

I think the answer is simple. To me, it’s all about energy.

Energy is what makes up the world.

Energy is like Rays of light. Rays of connection. Rays of love. Rays of warmth.

When meeting new people, I believe energy is “that thing” to draw us closer or to pull us apart.

Do you know the feeling of meeting someone with a great sense of humor, kind eyes or an inviting smile?

What makes you want to initiate contact?

My guess is it’s probably ENERGY… your intuition telling you there is something there for you to explore.

I like to think of energy like shades of color – a beautiful rainbow – there is a shade of your energy that matches a shade of their energy. Often there is a subconscious alignment; a feeling of ease or excitement. Some of the shades match up: a soft blue will pair beautifully with lilac or bright red and orange will be the perfect match. 

Next time you have the opportunity to interact with strangers, be mindful of this. Ask yourself: “What is “that thing” for me?”

In connection to this, I also want to touch on something else that is indeed a reality when talking about energy.

There is also “bad” energy… or at least energy that just doesn’t match yours. We should be aware of this, tune in, and look for the shades – and don’t waste your time if your intuition tells you it isn’t worth exploring.

As the year is coming to an end, my hope for all of us is that we can keep this close to our hearts - and step into a place of intuition and trust within ourselves.

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

With Love,