Holiday Thoughts!

This week is a week of giving thanks. A time to connect with your loved ones, a time to count your blessings and return to the essence of why we are all here: To be of service to one another. To give and receive love and kindness.

But somehow there is also a different truth connected to The Holidays. For myself, I know this to be a time of old stories surfacing. There is no other time of the year than this that puts us right back into the mind of our 12 year old selves. 

In the mind of my 12 year old self, I had so many expectations about what I wanted The Holidays to look like. To feel like. To sound like.

Mostly, it turned out to be nothing like I had expected it to be.

Family dynamics tend to show during The Holidays... and quite frankly it can be stressful knowing how to navigate this web of dynamics. And I say web, because much like a spider web, this has a tendency to make us feel like we are caught in a sticky mess... And often we feel as if we can't break free from this. 

For many of us, this time is also connected to anxiety. For some, this can almost manifest itself physically. We feel tired, drained and ill even before it all has begun. 

What if this year could be different for you? 

If you could set an intention for yourself for this Holiday season, what would it be? What would be the new lens through which you would experience this? 

By doing this, YOU get to choose how to feel and how YOU will show up. 

Here are a few helpful tips for you as you enter into tomorrow and the next month of parties, family gatherings and commitments.

- Identify your current Perspective from which you view The Holidays (Perhaps your Perspective is 'stressful', 'anxious' or 'torn').

- Now think of a few other Perspectives that would better serve you (It could be your favorite beach, the Perspective of a laughing child or your favorite color). 

- Ask yourself: Who am I in these Perspectives?

- What's different 'here' as I think of The Holidays?

- What does my body feel like here? (Thoughts could be: Here I am kinder to myself and others. Here I feel more relaxed when I think of The Holidays. Here I notice my breath being deeper etc.).  

- Then choose your new perspective to stand in. From here, ask yourself: Who will I be? What will I do/say differently this season? 

All of this might sound abstract, or to some, silly. But it works. 

So when you feel the old stories and anxiety surfacing again: Pause! And THEN really breathe and lean into this new place in your mind.

Repeat as many times as necessary. 

I wish you and your families love, light and kindness on this Thanksgiving. 

May your hearts be blessed and your bellies be full.